State Championships

2017 LA State JR Team Tennis Championships

June 23-24, Paula G. Manship YMCA,

Baton Rouge, La

Rules and Regulations: Click Here
  • Do you have 3 boys AND 3 Girls registered on TennisLink?

Teams must register (on TennisLink) the minimum 3 boys and 3 girls before the local season starts.

You will not be on the local league schedule without completing this step!!!!

  • Have those 3 boys and 3 girls played 3 qualified matches?

All player advancing to the State Tournament must play at least 3 matches during the local season.

All local league results shall be recorded in TennisLink one month prior to the state tournament. For 2013, the date is May 21.

Only one match result may be the product of a defaulted or forfeited match by the opposing team to count towards advancing for all players involved.

  • Playing twice in one match does not count as 2 matches; it has to be two different match ID numbers.

  • What if some of my kids that have played 3 matches canít play at State?

If a player on a qualifying team is unable to participate, a substitute may be added to the advancing teamís roster from another team in the same season.

The advancing team must meet the minimum team size requirement (3 boys & 3 Girls)

Substitute players are only allowed for those teams who originally had at least the team minimum of three (3) girls and three (3) boys who have played all 3 matches

If you have 3 boys and 3 girls participating at state, you CANNOT substitute anyone. You can only substitute when the team needs players to become eligible. Example: 3 girls 2 boys (sub one boy), 4 boys 2 girls (sub one girl), etc.

  • Are your boys/girls highly ranked and playing Intermediate?

Sectional Regulation: 1.05 Players with a sectional (12-18's standings 1-300 and 10 standings 1-100) standing in any age group as of July 31, 2012 must enter at the advanced level (NTRP 3.5 & above). 10 year olds with a 10's standing playing ln the 12's. 14's or 18's may only play in Intermediates or Advance and if they do not have a standing of 1-300 in the 12's 14's and 18's. Players with a 1-100 standing in the 10's who are playing in the 10's must play Advance. Standings are referring to results through July 31 date previous to the Championship year.

2017 USTA LA JTT State Tournament: Click Here

Congratulations to our 2015 JTT State Champions!

10 & Under Winners

12 & Under Winners

14 & Under Winners

18 & Under Winners



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