Patrons Foundation

Louisiana Tennis Hall of Fame Banquet

Honoring the 2012 Inductees

Chanda Rubin & The Meyers Family

Saturday, January 28, 2012

City Club at River Ranch

1100 Camellia Boulevard

Lafayette, LA 70508

Click here to see photos from the Louisiana Tennis Hall of Fame Banquet.

The Louisiana Tennis Patron's Foundation was organized in 1985 by Madlyn Boustany, Past President of the LTA, for the principal purpose of promoting the instruction, development and the playing of tennis.

Funds are derived from contributions from individuals and organization to conduct clinics, workshops, and exhibitions designed to develop interest and skills in the game. Examples of the programs supported are the LA Junior Davis and Wightman Cup Teams, the Junior Development Program, the Schools Program and the Louisiana Tennis Hall of Fame.

Many of you have enriched your lives through tennis and have benefited by playing this game we all love! Now, we are asking you to afford that chance to others by your contribution.

Donations are tax deductible!

Send donations to:
The Louisiana Tennis Patron's Foundation
9270Siegen Lane

Suite 702
Baton Rouge, LA 70810


Ron Holmberg

Louisiana Tennis Hall of Fame


Chanda Rubin

The Meyers Family


George Frilot

Lester Sack

Doug Watters


Steve Carter

Donald Frilot

Ron Holmberg

Bocage Racquet Club
Ronnie Fenasci
Dr. Paul T. DeCamp
Vincent A. Distefano

Beau Holton
Makoe Savola

Jimmy Harrison

Betty Turner
Charles Turner, Jr.

Charlotte Bolton

Madlyn Boustany

Donnie Roane

Harry Barton

Lester Kabacoff

Randy Gregson

Nehemiah Atkinson
Dub Robinson

Emmett Pare
Linda Tuero

Jack Tuero

New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club

Ernie Sutter

Cliff Sutter

Ham Richardson

*Induction into the Louisiana Tennis Hall of Fame is brought about by the excellence of activities and contributions, connected with Louisiana Tennis, that have brought substantial recognition and esteem to the individual and the LouisianaDistrict of the USTA.


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